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Clip guidance scale vs steps

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Clip_guidance_scale vs steps, JAX 2.4, 12/22/21

EZ: I ran this test to see for myself that your cgs/steps=10 ratio works out. nshepperd Jax notebook v2.4  all_title = "cursed toilet by Zdzisław Beksiński",  image_size = (512, 512),  cutn = 8,  cut_pow = 1.0  cut_batches = 4  tv_scale = 0  sat_scale = 0  eta = 1.0  starting_noise = 1.0  init_weight_mse = 0  Using default openai model  

You can see it looking more like the prompt as cgs [Clip Guidance Scale] increases.[1]

Clip_guidance_scale vs steps, JAX, 12/31/21


Clip_guidance_scale vs steps DD, 1/30/22

“Here's from disco with clamp_max=0.2”[3]

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