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Category:Clip Guidance Scale

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Default Reccomended
5000 1500-100000
CGS is one of the most important parameters you will use. It tells DD how strongly you want CLIP to move toward your prompt each timestep.  Higher is generally better, but if CGS is too strong it will overshoot the goal and distort the image. So a happy medium is needed, and it takes experience to learn how to adjust CGS.

Note that this parameter generally scales with image dimensions. In other words, if you increase your total dimensions by 50% (e.g. a change from 512 x 512 to 512 x 768), then to maintain the same effect on the image, you’d want to increase clip_guidance_scale from 5000 to 7500.

Of the basic settings, clip_guidance_scale, steps and skip_steps are the most important contributors to image quality, so learn them well.

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