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Welcome to EZ Charts: Disco Diffusion Parameters Wiki!

Brand-New AI Artists (or anyone who needs a refresher):

Read through the Disco Diffusion Cheat Sheet before launching into the EZ Charts Sections for a good overview of terminology and parameters.

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What is Disco Diffusion?

Disco Diffusion (DD) is a Google Colab Notebook which leverages an AI Image generating technique called CLIP-Guided Diffusion to allow you to create compelling and beautiful images from just text inputs. Created by Somnai, augmented by Gandamu, and building on the work of RiversHaveWings, nshepperd, and many others.

It’s magic. And also, free. (!)

However, the storied history and complex internal workings of CLIP and Diffusion are NOT the primary topic of this article. Rather, this guide is to help you understand how to use basic DD controls to create your own images, and to provide some insight on how all of the parameters affect CLIP and Diffusion behavior. [Read More]

EZ Charts - Diffusion Parameter Studies

CLIP-Guided Diffusion parameters are complicated. This wiki is meant to help you get a glimpse of some of the effects of adjusting parameters, to give you a leg up in your projects.

Two popular CLIP guided diffusion models are JAX (by nshepperd and modded by others) and Disco Diffusion (by somnai and gandamu, and modded by others.) Both of these use many of the same underlying parameters, so test results for both JAX and DD are included here. Tests run from December 2021 - present, spanning several versions of the notebooks.

These are meant to show you DIRECTIONALITY of the effect of changing parameters, not absolutes. Your project will differ from the tested project, but the effects of changing parameters should persist. . [Read More]

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Got ideas for your own study? Run it and share! This is all about images, not words, so your study should clearly show the effect of the parameter change. New combinations of parameters (vs what’s here) are preferred.

How to share: SHARE the image (DD Discord, twitter, reddit, imgur) and some text about the other conditions of the test. Then alert one of us and we will get it into library.